i would like to share my bad experience with the "My maid Station".

recently i've hired a maid from them after my previous maid who worked for me for 2and half years( from other agency) left for good. iam a mother of three children aged 8, 6, and 2. we took a maid from my maid staion at bukit timah shopping centre. we requested him many times to provide a maid who can understand basic english. finally when we went to take the maid, she could hardly understand anything. she is not trained.. she doesnt know any work or cannot speak anything. all that she can say is "yes ma'm". what ever i say she just says "yes ma'm". my husband is a frequent traveller, and iam alone with threee children and whith this maid i had horrible experience. i thought of giving her a chance and told the agent to send translator. i told him iam helpless, my husband is overseas now, im with three kids and i cannot comedown to your office please send me a translator so that she can understand better. he charged 50$ for sending the translator. despite telling her many times, she clean the windows but leave the window grill unlocked, not even closed. she burn children clothes, my dresses. she became a threat to the saftety of my children. my daughter (6yrs) saw her slaping my 2year old boy. she is very irresponsible girl i had ever seen. she take children to play ground and just dont care to watch them. she dont care to bring back the soccer ball or anything if my children forget to bring. i cought her red handed eating nutella which is meant for children and dinking the choclate milk . she is good at telling lies. we took her to the agency to return her back. there i saw 3 employers came and return their maids within half an hour of my stay. all the other transfer maids are also horrible. so we brought back her and thought to keep her until the loan amount is finished.

but to our surprise we got a letter from MOM that they want to interview our maid. so we took her and found out that we abused her..( to our surprise). infact we are the one got cheated by the agency, lost our money and simply feeding her at home.. and she inturn complained on us. after police investigation.. and after two months they said that we are not guilty and we can hire another maid. now the MOM people or police are not at all investigating the agency. i strongly believe that this agency MY MAID STATION survives on the money they get from transfer maids. they teach their maids to false accuse their employers and suck blood from innocent singaporeans. I urge singaporeans to be aware of this agency and not toget attracted to their "0 agency fee' for the new maids. its all a dirty trick played by them. once you pay the money they show their true colours. with in one month they will make you to transfer your maid ( you willtransfer bcoz they will provide incompetent maids). and let you take another transfer maid (for which you have to pay extra). even the maid is one month experienced in singapore they put 'ex-singapore' stamp on her and sell her in the market. and if we refuse to take another maid from them, they will show 1000001 meaningless policies of their company and will try not to refund our money. thats what iam facing right now. it is an EVIL AGENCY. we have paid around 4k to the agency. and i want refund. can anybody suggest me what to do. plss....

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